The news that seven persons died after the Volvo bus they were travelling in hit a median and burst into flames near Haveri, Karnataka (Nov. 15) was shocking. That the accident occurred within 15 days of a similar accident in Andhra Pradesh is indeed unfortunate. The common features in both instances were high speed and non-functioning emergency exits.

As a frequent traveller in Volvo buses, I have noticed that the glass on the emergency exit windows is too thick and cannot be broken easily during an emergency. The instructions on how to use them are usually ambiguous. Very often, commuters are unable to understand the mechanism of breaking open the window.

Ganapathi Bhat,


India’s hi-tech era was introduced by waves of globalisation and welcomed by policymakers. We use hi-tech drugs, machinery, food and what not. But in developed countries, technology is used with great care, precision, honesty, and efficiency.

On the other hand, we exploit technology to make money, throwing all norms of precision and rules to the winds.

A. Obi Reddy,


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