It is rather shocking to learn that the management of the Bank of Maharashtra has terrorised its employee to cover up its misdeeds (“To fix whistleblower …,” June 13). The RBI should have ordered an inquiry into the whistleblower’s charges of imprudent banking decisions made by the mangement. By not acting on such an important tip, and forwarding instead the letter in a routine bureaucratic manner to the BoM management, the RBI acted irresponsibly.

By initiating action against Devidas Tuljapurkar for carrying a poem he published 19 years ago as editor of Union’s in-house magazine, the management is coercing him and his Union to desist from whistle-blowing activities. The management of a PSU is supposed to be model employer.

A.G. Rajmohan,


That those at the helm of affairs prefer to put down the voices of dissent rather than look into their own abuse of official discretion is a sad reflection of continuing blatant violations and irregularities at such places. But the trade union movement has a proud history of witnessing, taking on and thwarting such victimisation, though it has had to pay a heavy price, at times due to mindless vengeance exhibited by vested interests.

The founding leaders of bank employees’ movements like the legendary Naresh Paul of the Central Bank of India had to face dismissal for championing the larger interest of the bank and the employees.

S.V. Venugopalan,


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