It was shocking to read that a kidney patient died on his way to PGI, Chandigarh, as he was reportedly stopped by security personnel in view of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to the medical institute (Nov. 4) and could not be rushed to the emergency ward in time.

The casualty was avoidable. The expression of grief by the Prime Minister after such a massive tragedy is of no use.

S. Vijayaraghavan, Chennai

How insecure the aam aadmi is because of not only internal disturbances and cross-border terrorism but also the whims of VIPs and VVIPs’ security apparatus is evident from the PGI tragedy.

Hansraj Bhat, Mumbai

Is the aam aadmi an expendable commodity? Why should a big cavalcade follow the Prime Minister’s vehicle on his visits? If the dignitaries decide not to follow the motorcade, the resultant traffic hold-ups can be avoided.

M.M. Kale, Kakinada

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Manmohan expresses regret November 4, 2009

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