The killing of two Indian jawans — beheading one of them — by Pakistani troops which crossed the Line of Control near Jammu is shocking. The outrageous aggression, a blatant violation of the Geneva Convention, 1949, and the ceasefire agreement of 2003, has yet again exposed our unpredictable, unreliable and hostile neighbour. The dastardly incident seems to be a calculated attempt to derail the peace talks between the two countries. The Pakistani leadership needs to be told in clear terms that violence and diplomacy cannot go together.

B. Suresh Kumar,


The Pakistan army is known for resorting to unprovoked attacks. How confidence-building measures can succeed in such a situation is a million dollar question. New Delhi’s effort to improve ties with Islamabad is an exercise in futility. India should warn Pakistan to mend its ways or face the consequences. We need to look beyond playing cricket.

H.P. Murali,


It is shocking and disturbing to know that Pakistani soldiers have repeated the Kargil-type brutality without any fear. They must be sure they can get away with it and there will be no retaliation.

We love to play cricket with Pakistan which exports terrorism, drugs and fake currency to India. Although we blame Pakistan for destabilising India, the government does not take any concrete action.

S.P. Sharma,


That the Pakistani soldiers crossed the LoC and ambushed an Indian patrol, throwing all civilised norms to the winds, is condemnable. The brutal attack sends out a disturbing signal at a time when a slew of measures is being taken to improve bilateral ties.

B.H. Shanmukhappa,


India may want to avoid taking any step that could lead both countries to a war-like situation. But that cannot be a justification for its soft approach. It is time New Delhi pursued a policy of global alignments to contain Pakistan.

Madhusree Guha,


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