The article “The medium, message and the money” (Oct. 26) is overwhelmingly shocking. It is well known that the corporate media adopt various methods to increase TRP ratings and “profitability.” But the news that they can stoop so low is disturbing. The behaviour of the media during the Maharashtra polls is just one of the many examples of modern marketing strategies, which are bereft of ethics, fair play and, in many cases, indifferent to the law of the land.

Vijay Krishnan



The article has exposed how corruption is spreading far and wide to encompass the media as well. Elections have now become a big tamasha with each candidate trying to outdo the other in money-power and influence. The common man is all but forgotten once the exercise is over. The small consolation is we are still a democratic republic.

Ganga Sankar



The practice of some sections of the media and media houses receiving monetary incentives to cover elections to the advantage of the wealthy is nothing new. Many newspapers, especially regional language ones, use space to report news in such a way that it benefits some and is disadvantageous to others. In fact, news coverage is used to sell a particular point of view and influence people. Although the intelligent electorate can see through the game, it is a bane of press freedom that media barons dictate news coverage in a manner that suits their bias.

P. Esakki Muthu



The rise of ‘pay-per’ culture in the elections is disturbing. The election process is no longer a common man’s affair. Thanks to money-power, it has already become a corporate affair. If the media join hands with money, democracy will be the casualty.

D.V.G. Sankararao



The medium, message and the money October 26, 2009

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