It is shocking to note that a co-pilot and a cabin crew engaged in a scuffle on an Air India flight. With sensitive equipment and hundreds of passengers on board, those manning a flight should take care not to give in to anger. They should restrain themselves under all circumstances. The episode has given another reason for passengers to worry.

G. Venkatakuppuswamy,


The in-flight scuffle on the Air India flight has taken the image of the airline to a new low. I used to fly Air India in the 1960s and I remember the superb service on board. With service worsening over the years, I stopped considering Air India as an option for my trips to India. The only way the company can pull itself out of the mess it is in is by going private. Give it back to the Tatas and they will put the smile back on the maharaja’s face.

Shiv Sitaraman,

San Jose

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