The killing of two Indian fishermen, who ventured into the sea for their livelihood, by Italian Navy personnel on board a merchant vessel is indeed shocking (editorial “Encounter at mid-sea,” Feb. 17). A number of instances have surfaced in which Indian fishermen have been targeted under the veil of mistaken identity. It is clear that the Italian ship grossly violated the international protocol. It is time New Delhi intervened strongly to make the law-breakers follow the duly established legal procedure.

Naik Raghavendra,


The killing of the two fishermen has left their family financially and emotionally devastated. The authorities should not succumb to the lure of diplomatic reconciliations and mollifications aimed at distracting the issue. Had a similar incident occurred on the Italian coast, the culprits would have been legally entangled. The issue should be dealt under the law of the land, not under any international protocol.

G. Sarath,


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