The report “Dignity denied even in death for Vrindavan widows” (Jan. 8), which sheds light on the plight of the unfortunate widows who die in government-run shelter homes, sent a chill down my spine. I was shocked to read that their bodies are cut into pieces and disposed of in jute bags as the institutions have no means for a decent funeral. Are we indeed living in the 21st century?

Keshab Chakraborty,


The report presents a shocking picture of the pathetic condition of women in present-day India. It is appalling to learn that the widows don't get even a decent funeral after leading an austere life devoid of any happiness and worth.

The Hindu deserves to be lauded for its effort to bring the issue to the fore. Hopefully, the government will take appropriate measures to save the widows, if not from mental agony, from being cut into pieces and disposed of as trash.

Vidushi Gupta,

New Delhi

Strong action should be taken against those responsible for running shelter homes. Instead of building temples and installing statues of political leaders, the Uttar Pradesh government can allocate funds for the protection of the abandoned widows of Vrindavan.

Who is accountable for their plight — the relatives who have abandoned them or the government which has failed to take care of the helpless women?

P. Murali,


I was disturbed on reading the report. We sit in the comfort of our homes, dreaming of development. But how can we ever develop as a nation when we do not respect even the dead? I am ashamed of the families that have deserted the widows and do not care to find out whether they are dead or alive.

As if it is not bad enough for them to bear the atrocities heaped on them by society — abandoned by relatives and forced to beg for food — they are treated so disgracefully even after their end.

Shashank Ram Vyas,


It is shocking that even in the 21st Century, the State is able to get away with such treatment of a section of people. Women have crossed many hurdles to become independent. But why does the plight of Vrindavan widows remain unaddressed? Has society taken their condition for granted? Which India we are living in?

Priyanka Chakrabarty,


The article on the shocking plight of the destitute widows in Vrindavan is a sad commentary on corruption in India. The government should identify the officials who siphon off money meant for the hapless women. Is there no allotment of funds for the cremation of destitute women? Do they have to be chopped into pieces and disposed of? Is nobody accountable?

K.S. Lakshmi,


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