The Union Home Minister referring to a Chief Minister as a “mad man” is unpalatable. No doubt the Delhi Chief Minister’s disruptive dharna was ill-conceived. But the use of such terminology does not behove a man of Sushil Kumar Shinde’s stature. All the same, Arvind Kejriwal must get his act right and see the merit in attending to the rising pile of files his pre-poll promises have created. The Aam Aadmi Party is, at the moment, filled with inexperienced individuals who are yet to learn the rudiments of politics, governance and responsibility.

H.P. Murali,


One is unable to understand why Mr. Kejriwal is being subjected to such castigation merely for doing things differently from the traditional politician. He may exceed some societal limits in his enthusiasm to address the common man’s plight, but he appears to be earnest in his endeavour to fulfil all his promises. Mr. Shinde should be condemned for making the undignified comment, which was in very bad taste. His own name is linked to various scams; corruption charges were levelled against him when he was the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He never shed a tear for the Delhi rape victim but seems to condole with the Delhi police for not being able to enjoy their leave on account of a “mad Chief Minister”.

Maradapu Srinivasa Rao,


The hasty manner in which Mr. Kejriwal called off his ill-advised dharna indicated that he had realised his folly. He was given a mandate in order to change the faulty ways of Delhi’s administration and not to challenge the Centre unnecessarily like an incorrigible maverick. Somnath Bharti’s act cannot be justified on any grounds. In defending him, Mr. Kejriwal is sending out a wrong precedent to society and undermining the supremacy of law.

Ravinder Yadav,



Shinde and NCP turn their ire on KejriwalJanuary 22, 2014

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