Sexual harassment is a serious issue that has long been ignored and treated with complacency (“A woman’s perspective on sexual harassment,” Open Page, Nov. 22). However, what I would like to stress is the need to spread awareness on what constitutes sexual harassment. The lack of awareness is not a consequence of illiteracy alone. Even educated women are harassed openly but they tolerate and bear the instances of serious violation. It is important to understand that it is not just molestation, abuse and assault that need to be reported. Even exhibitionism, for instance, is sexual harassment. But women do not report it because it does not involve any physical touch. Women should be made aware that they can be harassed sexually without any physical contact.

Besides educating them on dealing with sexual harassment, they should be educated on its widely inclusive definition.

Deepa Ranganathan, New Delhi

Every human being has the right to live with dignity and respect. But what we should remember is that dignity and respect have to be earned.

Rather than rave about how the perpetrators should change, is it not better to think about what women can do to take care of themselves?

Sheila Sekhar, Mumbai

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