Abhijit Mukherjee’s remark that the women who came out to protest against the gang rape of the 23-year-old were “dented and painted” was shocking. It was worse because it came from the President’s son. His apology is not satisfactory.

S. Parvathy Madhavi, Mavelikara

The Congress MP’s comment exposed the utter insensitivity of politicians to genuine public anger over a reprehensible act that has appalled the entire nation. Abhijit must realise that it was the nautanki which jolted the complacent administration into action. The MP would do well to realise that people do not enjoy lathi blows, tear gas and water cannons but they cannot turn a blind eye to an issue that concerns all. They are on the streets out of compulsion, not choice.

Aman Singh Rathore, Jodhpur

No apology can reverse the hurt Abhijit has caused to the protesters and Indian women. There are customary demands from various circles to sack Abhijit from the Congress and make him resign as MP. Don’t we know this will not happen? When leaders across party lines with criminal cases pending against them are given party ticket and made to win elections, what is after all a sexist comment?

K.R. Anandagopalan, Bangalore

Abhijit’s comment reminded me of what Prince of Denmark said about women: “I have heard of your paintings too, well enough; God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another: you jig and amble and you lisp, you nickname God’s creatures and make your wantonness your ignorance.”

Abhijit, of course, is no Hamlet and Delhi is not Denmark. We live in a different world where women have come a long way in claiming their rights over their bodies. We need to deal with predators prowling the streets of Delhi and elsewhere so that women enjoy their freedom.

Jacob George, Changanacherry

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