This is with reference to the editorial “Establish the truth,” (March 29). The framing of Liaquat Ali Shah as a dangerous terrorist failed only because of the conflicting claims between the Delhi police and the Kashmir police. Unfortunately, most sections of the media described him as a Hizb-ul-Mujahideen cadre planning a 26/11-type attack on Delhi. This serious mistake happened because of the media’s excessive dependence on police agencies as an unquestionable and credible news source. Very often, journalists act as stenographers of police agencies by replicating their version of a news story. They should learn to be more sceptical.

Ahammed Junaid,


The editorial rightly calls for establishing the truth, which should be done without the “breaking news” drama. The terrorist tag attached to a person erodes his or her credibility. Society treats such a person with suspicion.

Terrorists who wish to surrender should be given proper counselling. The government should control cross-border terrorism to put an end to the brainwashing of the innocent. Every effort should be made to delink religion from politics.

S.A. Srinivasa Sarma,


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