It is a shame on our (Pakistani) institutions that they could not protect Sarabjit Singh, a foreign convict, from our religious elements. Now when he is almost dying or clinically dead, and his immediate family is in Lahore, can’t our government/state look at the issue from a human angle? I bet his assailants are being treated as heroes after physically abusing the prisoner and murderously attacking him.

Pakistan is already introduced to the world as a peculiar and strange society. Instances such as the attack on Sarabjit Singh suggest more infamy and more remorse to the educated people. For the zealots and unlettered, it is a matter of jubilance. Saner people of Pakistan should ponder over the matter and immediately ask the authorities to repatriate Sarabjit to India with honour.

Kunwar Khalid Yunus,


Heavens will not fall if Sarabjit Singh is released for treatment in India as desired by his family. This gesture will earn Pakistan the goodwill of Indians and catalyse the peace process. Hopefully, the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan will intervene to resolve the deadlock on humanitarian grounds.

P.K. Varadarajan,


This is in response to Col C.V. Venugopalan’s letter (April 30). While the points he mentioned are valid, one must not forget the brutality with which Pakistan treats Indians. Time and again, India has extended a hand of friendship to Pakistan but the latter has always played a dual game. While it has professed friendship superficially, it has sponsored terror in our country.

Although there was conclusive proof of Ajmal Kasab’s role in the 26/11 attacks, India spent crores on his safety while he was on trial. Whereas Pakistan could not provide safety to an Indian prisoner on whose guilt a shadow of doubt still lingers.

N. Venkata Sai Praveen,


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