I do not agree that self-regulation is the best option for the electronic media (“The medium as messenger,” Aug. 31). The media has defeated the notion of self-regulation on more than one occasion. It is the only pillar of democracy which is most visible to people but is accountable to no one. The Supreme Court is right in its remark that the coverage of the Mumbai attack by the mainstream electronic media has done much harm to the argument that it should have only a self-regulatory mechanism.

D. Abhijeet,

New Delhi

“Regulation from within” is hardly any regulation. To ensure credibility, the media should come under the control of an external regulatory framework. This will reaffirm people’s faith in the media and enhance its objectivity and efficiency.

Nehal Pandit,


In order to increase their TRP ratings, many television news channels project even half-truths as authentic facts, magnifying them through panel discussions and claiming to be the first to “break” news.

This leaves people thoroughly confused. I am of the view that the electronic media needs closer scrutiny and external regulation.

Varanasi Gopalakrishna,


As a messenger, the media should be more sensitive towards national security issues and should not put the lives of fellow countrymen at stake.

E. Praveen Ebenezer Paul,


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