While it is no one’s case that we should become a “national security state” (Aug. 3), the internal and external security situation is not as simple as the writer makes it appear. Insurgency in Kashmir and the north-east may be on the decline but the absence of violence does not imply the presence of peace. If Maoists are “finding the going tough,” it is because of our security personnel. The challenge from China needs to be met effectively. And then there is the ever-present threat of terror attacks.

All this requires a strengthening of our armed forces and intelligence agencies, without compromising on civil liberties.

Nitish Aggarwala,


The article plays down the internal security threat. Maoists are not only becoming bolder but are also expanding their range of operations and linking up with insurgent groups in the north-east. The threat is very much real and rising. That said, efforts to combat it must involve greater public and parliamentary discussions, rather than secretive and unilateral action by the Centre.

Akash S. Goud,

New Delhi


The drift to a national security stateAugust 3, 2013

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