This refers to the editorial “A question of proportion” (April 23). Why should CRPF jawans, who have dedicated their lives to the country and its people, waste their time giving security cover to an industrialist who is wealthy enough to afford private security? Does anyone care about the security of the tribals, the underprivileged, Dalits and women who are vulnerable and insecure? Every citizen’s life is precious.

Binod Bhattarai,


It has been clarified that the CRPF will deploy its men for Mukesh Ambani on a ‘payment basis,’ working out to nearly Rs.15 lakh a month. However political bigwigs enjoying ‘Z’ category protection are exempt from such payments. The public should demand to know the heavy costs involved in ‘Z’ category security provided to our VIP politicians.

Malaya Krishnamurthy,


The decision to provide ‘Z’ type security to the top business tycoon proves the ancient theory that police and law and order were created by the state to protect the property of the rich from the exploited poor sections.

Can there be a more explicit signal to the people to demand and enforce a system that eliminates the power of the rich in dictating terms of inequality in a democracy?

Kasim Sait,


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