The abolition of the GoMs and EGoMs will expedite the mechanism of decision-making on important state grievances (“Modi scraps GoMs, EGoMs,” June 1). Empowering Ministers will also give them an opportunity to prove their mettle. A person can only show his talent if he is given the freedom to work.

Mr. Modi seems to be burning the midnight oil to prove that “good days are ahead.” He has consistently been in the news for his work, even after his landslide victory. Unlike other leaders, he has not vanished, appearing only on occasions such as Republic Day or Independence Day.

Bharat Dwivedi, Hadiabad, Punjab

The government’s decision is praiseworthy. Having GoMs and EGoMs did not pay off during the decade-long UPA rule, with many senior Ministers unable to find the time to call meetings and resolve issues. Besides, there were no deadlines set to finish the tasks assigned. The move should lead to a better sense of transparency in governmental functioning, fast- track decision-making processes and increase accountability. The announcement is also in line with the Bharatiya Janata Party’s mantra, of “minimum government and maximum governance.” The saffron party has indeed started its journey with with a bang.

N.J. Ravi Chander, Bangalore

The Modi government’s decision is a step forward towards clean governance. The Prime Minister has understood well that issues like corruption, inter-State water disputes, administrative reforms, and gas and telecom pricing are the responsibilities of all Cabinet Ministers. The previous government suffered a setback because the GoMs, headed by a select few, took decisions on the same issues according to their whims and fancies. The rest of the Cabinet Ministers just nodded along. This move will reduce the dominance of certain Ministers and ensure that everyone has a role and responsibility.

Rajakumar Arulanandham, Palayamkottai, Tamil Nadu

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