It was disturbing to read about Dr. Savita Halappanavar who died after doctors in Ireland refused to perform an abortion on her citing Catholic doctrine as the law prevailing in the land (Nov. 15). Infringing any Catholic doctrine is considered a sin by the Roman Catholic Church till date. By expressing my views herein, I do not encourage the practice of abortion, but in this special case, when the dentist’s life was at great risk on account of health issues, the doctrine goes awry. She was only pleading for a termination because of septicaemia. It’s high time the Catholic Church and the Irish government, amended their doctrine on abortion, at least now, by delving into the pros and cons, in this particular case.

R. Dominic Gerard, Coimbatore

Let sanity prevail over religious practices. It is with grave shock and anger that I read about Dr. Savita. Even the good lord who is merciful would not pardon this.

Tharcius S. Fernando, Chennai

Doctors are equivalent to god. Their role is to heal and protect lives. Ignoring all canons of medical ethics, the doctors have allegedly refused intervention purely in service of a controversial anti-abortion law. The only consolation is that an independent probe has not been ruled out by the Ireland Prime Minister.

K.S. Thampi, Chennai

While it may be true that Irish laws do not permit abortion, the hospital doctors could have looked at the practical side instead of taking shelter under an archaic law. Their cussedness has cost a precious life. The report was like going back to the medieval ages.

P.G. Menon, Chennai

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