Sachin Tendulkar has not bothered much about social causes (Letters, April 28)? Such arguments worry me. We all know how much Sachin has grown — he is beyond numbers. I do not say he is superhuman. But he has risen to great heights from a humble background.

I have never played cricket in my wildest dreams. Sachin has drawn me to him by his personality and goodness. I hope, wherever he is, he will approach his work just as he has approached cricket. I would love to see the younger generation emulating his devotion, dedication and determination.

George K. Joseph,


The rationale behind nominating members to the Rajya Sabha is to bring people of diverse talent — excelling in art, literature, science and social science — into Parliament without making them fight elections. The presence of an eminent sportsperson will bring knowledge related to practical realities and challenges in sports, a major component of youth empowerment. Seen in this context, Sachin Tendulkar's nomination is a step in the right direction.

Shivam Sharma,


Sachin may be a youth icon. I am an ardent fan of his. But he could never make a good politician. He will remain a spectator to the happenings in the Rajya Sabha. A more deserving candidate — one who has played a role in development — could have been nominated.

Bibin George Varghese,


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