The West shedding tears over Russian intervention in Ukraine is a hypocritical act (March 4), especially when countries like the United States and the United Kingdom care tuppence about world opinion against interfering in the domestic affairs of countries like Afghanistan and even attacking a country like Iraq to protect their “interests.” Russian intervention in a country having a contiguous border with it is justified.

Sameep Kumar,


The ongoing Crimean crisis has been triggered and sponsored by vested western interests. If Britain can go all the way from the North Atlantic to the South Atlantic to safeguard the people of the Falkland Islands, China claims the whole of South and East China Seas as its domain, the U.S. can send troops to any part of the world with impunity and France can deploy its forces in Africa, what on earth is wrong in Russia mobilising its troops to protect its own interests? The Russian fleet has been operating in Crimea since the 18th century. So, why make a fuss now? The majority of people (over 58 per cent) in the Crimean peninsula are Russian. They share historical, cultural and linguistic links with Russia. If the West is so perturbed over upholding freedom and democracy, why has it not intervened to quell human rights violations in West Asia? It is time Mr. Putin exposed the West’s double standards.

Lakshman Sundar,

Navi Mumbai

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