It is regrettable that Parliament passed the Finance Bill, the Railway budget, the Appropriation Bills and the demands for grants for various ministries without discussion in Parliament (“Govt heaves sigh of relief as money Bills are passed,” May 1).

It is nothing but an insult to a great democratic institution as well as the people. While the Opposition has a right to fight the party in power and debate its mismanagement of various issues, it is an entirely different matter as far as the passing of important Bills are concerned. How long will our MPs avoid their regular work while enjoying their perks and other allowances?

J.P. Reddy,


Had they been open to discussion, concessions on harsher provisions in the budget like the TDS on property sale above Rs.50 lakh could have been granted. Many proposals on new trains announced in the previous railway budgets have not seen the light of day. This year’s budget too has many controversial announcements on the extension of services.

A.V. Narayanan,


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