The bomb blasts at the Bodh Gaya temple complex come as a rude shock. India’s failure to stop frequent terror attacks is a reflection on the lack of its political will to combat the menace. Its attitude is dreary and it seems to have gone into hibernation. The need of the hour, to use a cliché, is action and not empty statement and ineffective planning.

K. Chidanand Kumar,


Terrorists have struck at the international symbol of peace and amity. The Myanmar angle and the role of international terror outfits are a cause for serious concern. A weak Centre and State government and a soft approach to terrorism will not do.

What we need is firm, decisive action to crush the divisive, dangerous designs of terrorists. Let us send a clear signal that those who cause death and destruction will be hunted down and punished.

R. Ramanathan,


The serial blasts at the historic Bodh Gaya temple show the nefarious designs of anti-social elements looking for gaps and opportunities to disrupt peace and harmony in India. The writ is clear that some groups or individuals have a serious dislike for India’s rising global stature and, therefore, target important sites, including places of worship — a mosque here, a Hindu temple there, and a Buddhist temple somewhere else. While the guilty need to be caught and punished, the nation should stand firm against the underlying motives of such anti-social elements. Let the culprits know that we Indians will not let them succeed in their evil schemes.

Manzar Imam,

New Delhi

The Delhi police have claimed that they had warned the intelligence agencies of terrorist strikes at the Buddhist shrines in Bodh Gaya. The blasts, therefore, are a result of negligence and indifference.

Ajeet Upadhyay,


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