This refers to the editorial “The Sangh rules the party” (Sept. 2). That the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh plays a vital role, at times decisive, in the functioning of the Bharatiya Janata Party is no secret. Although the BJP cannot afford to dispense with the RSS, it should be mindful of the fact that the Sangh’s unwarranted interference in its affairs will prove fatal to it. As for L.K. Advani, a BJP without him would make no sense. The party would do well to realise this. The RSS should acknowledge it.

N.V. Sudarsanan,


It is Mr. Advani who built the BJP, which was confined to north India, into a national party. It was he who transformed the party which had two MPs in 1984 into a leader of the coalition that ruled India. Mr. Advani should not be asked to step down. It is his right to become the Prime Minister and pass on the mantle to the second in the party hierarchy.

V. Kumar,


The leadership of Mr. Advani, whose rath yatra was one of the main reasons for the demolition of the Babri Masjid, has dealt a serious blow to the BJP. The party is disintegrating fast. It would be better if Mr. Advani steps down from all posts and serves as a basic member. The BJP cadre seems to have lost faith in him.

T. Manoharan,


The BJP is disintegrating because of its wrong priorities. Instead of concentrating on people’s issues, it wasted time on Ram temple and other non-issues. The party’s top leadership is squarely to blame for its poor performance in the recent Lok Sabha election. Rajnath Singh and Mr. Advani should be immediately replaced.

V. Anand Rao,


The BJP has performed the role of a credible Opposition effectively so far. In the vital interest of our democracy, the party should be helped to reconstruct itself. Let us not rub any more salt into the BJP’s wounds. India needs it.

Col. C.V. Venugopalan (retd.),


At the moment, the BJP’s problems are far more serious than the party would care to admit. But whatever the form in which it emerges, it is sure to disappoint those preparing to write its obituary. It is a truism that clarity emerges out of chaos and confusion. And yes, the BJP can no longer pretend that it is independent of the RSS. The Sangh has, through its actions, reinforced that it is the real boss, no less.

Padmini Raghavendra,


As long as the old leaders continue to lead the BJP, it will not be able to bounce back. It is time they made way for youth. I fail to understand why so much of importance is being given to the BJP in the media. There are more important issues such as rising prices. They deserve to be highlighted.

G. Mohamed Ashfaq,


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