The article “Lawful responses to unlawful actions” (March 16) has dealt well with the legal fallout of Italy’s refusal to send to India the two marines being tried for killing two fishermen off the Kerala coast. But the important question is why the UPA government failed to heed the proverb prevention is better than cure.

The Kerala High Court allowed the two marines to travel home for Christmas but imposed a heavy collateral security and secured the Italian government’s undertaking. The marines returned for trial. Why were they allowed to go to Italy a second time without similar undertakings and collateral?

K.M. Abdul Salim,


The article gives a clear picture of how the situation can be solved to our advantage, bringing dignity to the Supreme Court of India and the fishermen who lost their lives in the gruesome incident.

Aparna Vijaykumar,


The Indian government’s decision to downgrade its diplomatic ties with Italy and the Supreme Court order restraining the Italian ambassador from leaving the country are an appropriate response to Rome’s refusal to send the marines for trial.

However, New Delhi should have been cautious, given Rome’s persistent refusal to acknowledge India’s jurisdiction in the case. It should not have sent the marines back to participate in Italy’s general elections. Couldn’t the Indian government with Italy’s help have arranged for the marines to cast their vote from India?

Jasneet Mundra,


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