With reference to your editorial “Israel's rogue behaviour”(June 2), the attack on the unarmed, humanitarian flotilla of activists carrying relief supplies for the besieged and blockaded people of Gaza is highly reprehensible, illegal, immoral and against all canons of international humanitarian law. Israel that is a rogue state — not Iran and North Korea — for carrying out aggression on the Palestinian people and also America for its staunch support to the aggressor. Israel has flouted the international law with impunity and blockaded Gaza.

The act of America in siding with the blockade exposes its hypocrisy and unilateralism in regard to securing justice for the Palestinian people, in general, and Gaza, in particular. The U.N. Security Council at once must ensure the lifting of the economic blockade against Gaza.

Nirmala P. Rao,


Israel's action is no doubt a transgression of all international norms, which may exacerbate tensions in the region. The international forums must act to end the threat of further violations. Unfettered access for aid to the blockaded people of Gaza must be ensured by confronting Israel.

K.S. Thampi,

The editorial is right in calling for action against Isreal. The inhuman, ruthless, insensitive treatment of Palestinians by Israel makes one to wonder whether the Jewish state has forgotten ‘humanity' and its own history of its elder generation's suffering under Adolf Hitler.

Devendra L. Abbigeri,


Unprovoked attacks such as these should be viewed as crime against humanity and Israel should be told in no uncertain terms that it will have to bear the consequences for such actions.

E. Raghu,


The editorial was timely and appropriate. Use of excessive force has become a habit with Israel, much to the chagrin of the world community which has demanded a thorough and impartial probe into the incident. The U.S. is an exception reacting with ambivalence. Even if the Israeli intelligence indicated that there were some miscreants in the ship, a more cautious approach could have prevented the loss of innocent civilian lives. Security fears and the survival instinct amidst the perpetual threat surrounding it are what perhaps drove Israel to such aggression.

This once again brings into focus the importance of building trust and confidence among the Israelis, Palestinians and Arabs.

Syed Mohammad,


There seems to be unanimity in condemning Israel's action against the so- called humanitarian aid flotilla. However, it must be remembered that the Hamas and the like-minded organisations are not entirely innocent; nor was their agenda simply to provide humanitarian aid to the embattled Gaza Strip Palestinians. Israel and its neighbouring countries have been living in a state of permanent war and hostility for ages now. In such a situation, to simply lay all the blame at the doorstep of Israel amounts to ignoring the ground realities.

N.K. Raveendran,


It is easy to blame Israel every time there is a tragedy like the one that happened on Monday. Israel had warned people not to venture into Gaza for security reasons or take materials to the place without getting it inspected. This warning was not heeded to by peace activists. What the activists from Turkey had in mind was hardly a peace initiative. Taking ‘construction materials' is not a peace manoeuvre – an impoverished population needs food, water and cigarettes – not cement, steel and blue metal, that are used for construction projects and of course, mortar missiles. Which other country in the world would behave any differently in those circumstances?

Raghu Seshadri,


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