If India’s roads are becoming one of the deadliest to use in the world (Editorial, April 30), road-users are to blame. Regulations need to be in place while issuing driving licences. Obsolete vehicles must be phased out. There must be regular tests for all users on reading road safety signs. In the West, users are entirely reliant on road signs. People must be educated about traffic rules, and stringent punishment meted out to traffic rule violators.

P. Ramya,


The first step is to purge the RTO of corruption. Everyone is aware of the nexus between the RTO and driving schools, rampant in many places in India. I have seen it in happen in Kolkata and Coimbatore. Candidates who are totally ignorant of traffic rules and fail the driving tests still get licences. Even online tests are taken care of. An RTO inspector’s wife once told me that wealth was never a problem for her thanks to the ‘influential’ job held by her husband.



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