With the Aam Aadmi Party rightly, justifiably and unequivocally remaining obdurate and uncompromising on initiating investigations into what it called during the Assembly election campaign as “rampant corruption, scams and scandals under the past misrule” in Delhi, one only wonders how the odd, outlandish “outside support” arrangement with the great grand old party will work, especially when the two parties are like chalk and cheese. Only time will provide the answer. Till then, one can expect reports like “AAP finalises team amid resentment” and “Murmurs in Congress over support to AAP” (Dec. 25).

R. Sampath,


The AAP has emerged as a force which cannot be ignored. But the question now is: will it be able to continue wearing its mantle of a “party with a difference”? It seems to be going in the wrong direction, first in digging its own grave by joining hands with the Congress, and then coming up with impractical guarantees for Delhi on basic amenities.

Anurag J.,


More than its emergence as a potent force in electoral politics, the AAP will surely be remembered for creating a new section of fast expanding social class which has emerged because of the total disconnect between the mainstream political parties and the general public. The “movement effect” of the AAP is going to be its anchor and driving force in its transformational political journey. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the party to follow its ideology especially as it has to depend on “outside support.”

The Congress and the BJP too can learn a lesson or two from this party and take course correction to sustain their political existence and momentum.

Chandran Dharmalingam,


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