The revolt in the Lalu Prasad-led Rashtriya Janata Dal has not only pushed the RJD chief to a corner but has also damaged the Congress’s dream of improving its prospects in Bihar (Feb.25). The dramatic turn of events in Bihar is a double blow especially when the general election is around the corner. How the former strongman of Bihar comes to terms with the latest development will be watched with bated breath.

H.P. Murali,


The latest developments — the alleged desertions from the RJD, the Lok Jan Shakti Party’s overtures to the BJP, and the TRS-Congress alliance — are what add colour to the kaleidoscope of Indian politics. They cannot be read as a significant realignment of political forces. It will be simplistic to say that the yet-to-materialise LJP-BJP tie-up is indicative of Narendra Modi’s growing acceptability. In the absence of signals of the emergence of any grand pre-poll alliance, political commentators are overplaying what parties of little consequence do to gain some political relevance. With the general election around the corner, no party with a major stake in the political pie would want to foster negative public perceptions. A few psephologists and TV anchors do not make the Indian electorate.

G. David Milton,


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