Kiran Bhatty’s article on the government’s lack of commitment to implementing the Right to Education (“The passing of a deadline,” April 13) was revealing. Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has emphasised the importance of education in a nation’s growth. Quick action is the need of the hour. Help the new generation make the nation’s growth a reality.

C.P. Chandra Das,


The article rightly points to the apathy of policymakers and those responsible for implementing the RTE. The role of vested interests in keeping quality education out of reach of children has been documented but goes unheeded. Layers of administration should not be an excuse for the faulty and tardy implementation. But who is accountable for the state of affairs?

The institutions charged with responsibility have not made RTE a priority. Education seems to be nobody’s concern. Will political parties make it a commitment in their poll manifestos? Children need the nation’s attention today.

Sreelakshmi Gururaja,


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