The papacy has a history spread over two millenniums, starting with Pope St. Peter, named by Jesus Himself. The Church has survived for so long, braving challenges and tribulations. It has to overcome many more challenges as pointed out by Rudolf C. Heredia (“The significance of Pope Francis,” March 19). The papal household, otherwise called the Curia, has been shaken by various scandals in the recent years. The spiritually equipped Pope Francis is the right choice to steer the Church on the right path

S .Rajendran,


The article, which traces the historical perspectives of the Church and its contributions, is wonderful. It is not a question of conservatism, but the cardinal principles of Christianity that need to be followed by whoever is at the helm. The reference to the voice of God to St. Francis Assisi — “Francis, Francis, build my church” — is significant. While it is true that decentralisation would guide the Church better, the world expects the Holy Father to exercise his authority on issues concerning society and the world at large so that the secular character of the Catholic Church will be preserved without compromising the teachings of Christ.

S. Irudaya Selvaraj,


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