The stand-alone picture “Heartless humans” and the four reports “AK series rifle was used to shoot rhino,” “Two Kaziranga rhinos succumb to wounds,” “CBI probe ordered into attacks on rhinos” and “Poachers shoot rhino in Kaziranga and make off with horn” (Sept. 30, 29, 28 & 27) show up in poor light conservation strategies in the country.

That this should happen at a World Heritage site makes it all the more distressing. The WWF website shows that rhinoceros poaching is on the rise, with poachers using sophisticated equipment to track and kill rhinos. After the tiger, it now seems to be the turn of the rhino to be hunted ruthlessly.

B. Senthil Priya, Chennai

It is alarming that another endangered animal is on the brink of extinction. If conservation is not a priority for the Assam government, especially after the floods and the disturbances in the population, it should assign the task to central agencies. There must be severe action against the culprits responsible for poaching.

Laxman Chakipuram, Adilabad

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