Rulers in many countries are indeed “uncomfortable that Twitter is now a household name, and its reach, at a billion tweets put out every four days, nightmarish” (editorial “The revolution will not be tweeted,” Jan. 30). Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites have made freedom of speech and expression real. The political class seems to be worried because of the direct criticism it draws for its acts. Any attempt to invade the privacy of individuals in the name of regulation is against democracy.

Gururajan Ramachandran,


The most striking aspect of the jasmine revolution was the unique role Facebook and Twitter played in organising and spreading the protest, and making the revolution visible to the rest of the world. They played a decisive role in reaching out. The attempt to censor them just because they have posts criticising governments is truly repressive and cannot be tolerated. Self- regulation can be demanded from them, but censorship is a strict ‘no-no.'

Thasneem Azeez,



The revolution will not be tweetedJanuary 30, 2012

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