Gopal Subramanium’s article “Repression is no solution” (June 8) is blind to the compulsions of governance in a modern democratic state. Maintenance of law and order is the primary function of a state. When disruptive forces are equipped with sophisticated weapons, it becomes necessary to modernise the security forces. All anti-democratic forces are bent on capturing power by ruthless means. They need to be eliminated or tamed with a heavy hand.

G. Sridharan,

New Delhi

The state has radically metamorphosed after globalisation and liberalisation. The interests of corporates have taken centre stage. The tribals have been marginalised and their sources of livelihood run over. However, one should not be guided by the wrong notion that tribal alienation alone provides the motive for the Naxalites. Their ultimate aim is to overthrow the state and they are bound to scuttle all development initiatives.

Manohar Alembath,


Punjab insurgency is the very illustration of the writer’s view. Unheard voices, heavy repression and brutal rape of democratic institutions tempted the Sikh youth and leaders to take to arms and terror. Had the Anandpur Sahib resolution been debated and accepted, and the Dharam Yudh Morcha not been suppressed, things would have been different.

Kamaldeep Singh,

New Delhi

At 80, I am neither a Maoist nor a terrorist. Our nation is like a family. The older son is intelligent, earns more. The younger one needs help. The annoyed elder son wants the parents to ‘correct’ his sibling.

Without trying to solve the problem of the younger son, parents want to silence him by force. Repression will not bring peace and development; it will only promote feelings of vengeance. It is for the parents to decide how to run the family.

P. Tilak Sharma,


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