The Mullaperiyar dam issue is taking an ugly turn for both Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In order to resolve the tug of war, the following option can be tried, if it is technically feasible. A new dam can be constructed below the existing one and kept uncommissioned. The old dam need not be decommissioned. In the event of a breakdown of the old dam, the new dam can act as a fort against the water bomb. The Centre should bear the expenses for the new dam.

T.V. Gopalakrishnan,


The ailing Mullaperiyar dam is a ticking time bomb. A think tank comprising experienced engineers and experts could be set up to find ways to avert danger and put in place preventive measures before disaster strikes. The need of the hour is to find an alternative before the cracks in the dam give in to the pressure of water.

Anita Vinod,


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