It appears that the wave of coordinated attacks on western embassies, Parliament and Nato bases in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan carried out by the Taliban was intended to make a strong political statement against the continued presence of the U.S. forces in the country. It is a new phase in the Taliban's “Spring Offensive.” By now, the U.S. and its allies must have realised that wars, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, drag on for years but get them nowhere.

G. David Milton,


The serial attacks in Kabul show that even after 11years of American and Nato intervention, things are not under control. Hamid Karzai is heading a puppet government of the Americans. One wonders whether the situation in Afghanistan will soon resemble that of the 1990s. It is shuddering to think of the fate that will befall Afghanistan if it falls into the hands of the Taliban.

V. Devadas,



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