With the institution of marriage being so sacrosanct in all religions across the world, the RSS chief seems to have got it all wrong again. (“Women bound by contract to look after husband: RSS chief,” Jan. 7). I would like to enumerate the statement of Henrik Ibsen, an authority on human relationships: “A marriage is based on complete and unqualified frankness on both sides. They are not keeping anything back. There is no deception underneath at all. If I may so put it, it is a sacrosanct agreement for the mutual forgiveness of sin for a peaceful life for ever.”

Capt. T. Raju (retd.),


That our political class makes a distinction between urban and rural areas even in the issue of rape is unfortunate (“‘Rapes prevalent in India, not in Bharat’,” Jan. 5). Rape has no barriers, or boundary, regional or cultural. To differentiate the heinous crime on the basis of these factors betrays one’s regressive mindset.

P.K. Varadarajan,


Mr. Bhagwat’s comment is deplorable. Leaders who express concern for the people of the nation must stand united irrespective of the parties they belong to and fight against heinous crimes. Such remarks only divert attention from the main issue — exemplary punishment for the perpetrators.

M.A. Mohamed Sahul Hameed,


The reports “Raj Thackeray blames Biharis for rape” and “”Bihar is my second home, says Mauritius President” (Jan. 7) were a study in contrast. Mr. Thackeray’s statement was definitely not in good taste. The President’s statement, on the other hand, shows the kind of socio-political values inculcated by his forefathers.

Nikhil Ranjan,


Every day, cases of rape are reported from several States. To target migrants from a particular State as being responsible for a heinous crime is being disrespectful. The MNS leader is playing to the gallery and a particular constituency. Such hate-filled statements must be condemned. We must remember that Bihar is the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

M.L. Ashok Kumar,


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