While Muslims are justified in taking umbrage over Rahul Gandhi’s unsubstantiated claim that Pakistan’s ISI is attempting to radicalise Muslim youth affected by the Muzaffarnagar riots (“Regrettable and irresponsible,” Oct. 28), one is certainly amused over the ‘crocodile tears’ being shed for them by Mr. Modi. One can’t but recall Mr. Modi’s handling of the 2002 Gujarat riots. The then Prime Minister Vajpayee had to remind him of his raj dharma.

Shahabuddin Nadeem,


The editorial rightly highlighted the gross mishandling of the Muzaffarnagar communal riots by political parties. The ruling Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh was not brave enough to act quickly to bring the situation under control. All the so-called leaders played politics over the communal clashes.

N. Venkata Sai Praveen,


It is most unfortunate that a simple remark is being blown out of proportion and interpreted in many ways. It is clear that Rahul wanted to caution the establishment about the fallout of the Muzaffarnagar riots. A fishing expedition by the ISI cannot be ruled out in a highly charged atmosphere. Communal unrest provides an ideal hunting ground for disgruntled elements.

A. Thirugnanasambantham,



Regrettable and irresponsibleOctober 28, 2013

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