It is highly regrettable that the opening day of the monsoon session of Parliament was stalled by protests against the creation of Telangana, on the one hand, and demands for more States such as Bodoland, on the other. No day in recent Parliament sessions has passed without MPs using their lung power to force adjournments over one issue or the other, thereby wasting public money and precious time.

It is the duty of the leadership of all political parties, including the Congress, to help reverse the negative trend. It is time parliamentary democracy was restored in word and in spirit so that people do not lose faith in democracy for good.

C.A.C. Murugappan,


One more Parliament session has started with the usual interruptions and adjournments. On the one hand, the Opposition insists that everything should be discussed in Parliament but when the session is actually convened, it blocks discussions and forces adjournments. It is time the no-work-no-pay principle was enforced for our MPs.

P. Venugopalan,


That the “temple of democracy” was disrupted on the very first day of the monsoon session is disturbing. If MPs are least bothered about the proceedings of the house, what is the need for a Parliament?

K.B. Dessai,


Can’t the Speaker expel the shouting MPs? The nation is sick of adjournments. Parliament should function and prove that democracy is alive.

R.K. Subramanian,


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