This refers to the article “Gruel, rice and tamarind water” (July 2). Tribals are the “development refugees” of our country. A major problem plaguing India is — a plethora of schemes and paucity of action. If the MPLADS scheme is implemented properly and not treated as the pocket money of politicians, a lot can be done.

Vinay Rajiv,

New Delhi

Thanks to excessive consumption, obesity and wastage, we still hear stories of malnutrition from all over India. One hopes governments will not wait for another Attappady to wake up to the reality. Timely implementation of policies with transparency and accountability will do wonders.

Naveena Manoharan,


It is deplorable that in a State like Kerala, the vast majority is turning a blind eye to the plight of tribals who have been robbed of their land and livelihood. While the government, the Opposition and the media debate over scams and infrastructure embellishments, another less fortunate child has probably succumbed to malnutrition in the State.

Sidharth Varma,


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