In his interview to The Hindu (April 12), BJP president Nitin Gadkari has portrayed a distinct and different face of the party which is welcome. I am impressed by his clarity of views on development. Ours is perhaps the only country where farmers are toiling hard for 12-18 hours a day and going to bed without food. Small farmers seek loans from moneylenders at exorbitant interest rates and succumb to the debt trap, becoming landless labourers in their own land and taking their lives in despair.

I appeal to Mr. Gadkari and others to prepare a road map for the banking industry that is specific to the Indian context for a truly inclusive growth with sustainable development.

H. Abdur Raqeeb, New Delhi

It was heartening to note the very refreshing, clear-cut and objective views of the new BJP president on matters affecting the common man — from price rise to industrial development and agriculture. It is hoped that Mr. Gadkari's vision will be translated into action so that India truly emerges as a superpower.

C.S. Sudheendhra Putty, Secunderabad

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