Readers may be interested to know about some thoughts of Nehru that went beyond his political ideas (Nov.13). In 1931, Nehru replied to some questions of Will Durant raised by him in his famous book “On the Meaning of Life.” Here are a few extracts from the replies: “...Religion in its limited sense did not appeal to me....Vague ideals possessed me, socialistic and nationalistic, and I grew to desire the freedom of India passionately ... I have believed in science and logic and reason, and I believe in them still, but at times they seem to lack something and life seems to be governed by other and stronger forces — instinct or an irresistible drive towards something — which for the moment does not appear to fit in with science or logic as we know them.”

These words show he had some insight into the limitations of science, logic and of course politics against some strong powers beyond humans.

S. Gopalakrishnan, Chennai

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