The long arm of the law has at last caught up with RJD leader and Member of Parliament, Lalu Prasad. But it is not enough to merely convict the Bihar strongman. A massive campaign should be launched to punish corrupt politicians whose cases are pending in various courts for inexorably long periods. Further, the ends of justice will be met only when the loss suffered by the state is recovered at the earliest. The special CBI court’s verdict in the fodder scam case has strengthened the common man’s belief that the judiciary is the saviour of the nation.

K. Chellappan, Chennai

The country is euphoric, if not happy, over the conviction of 45 persons, including Lalu Prasad, in the Rs 950-crore scam. We will be dissecting and debating the development for the next few days — till another piece of news of similar magnitude is reported by the media.

What we forget is the money that has been siphoned off by scamsters, which has probably gone into their bank accounts or to their family members or benamis in the form of movable and immovable property. How are we going to get the money back into the exchequer?

Durairaj Gopalaswami, Chennai

Lalu’s conviction should send the message to the ruling class that it is only the custodian of public money and has no right to appropriate it. Now that the RJD supremo and his associates are in jail, how about recovering the money looted?

S.S. Kaddargi, Gulbarga

The money involved in the scandal should be recovered with interest from those convicted in the scam. When a taxpayer commits a mistake while submitting his income tax returns, the government recovers the difference with penal interest.

K.R.K. Menon, Aluva

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