The over-emphasis on the secularisation and the politicisation of religion has alienated India’s ethnic minorities from the mainstream of Indian society (“A BJP-Muslim entente cordiale?” March 10). In this sense, the very process of secularisation has become a challenge to maintaining the religious plurality of India. What we need today are new insights and an openness of mind towards other religious faiths

Sushil Patil,


However prudent and diplomatic BJP leaders are in avoiding Muslim- baiting or in invoking known controversial issues that irk the community, the party must acknowledge the existence of an anti-BJP mood. Though this general election will be largely fought on the record of good governance and development, there is a lurking fear in the community of uncertainty if the saffron party claims power. Irrespective of the fact that Mr. Narendra Modi has been given a judicial “clean chit,” he could have expressed remorse to assuage the hurt feelings of Muslims.

Abdul Kader,



A BJP-Muslim entente cordiale?March 10, 2014

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