On reading the article “When women become a rare species” (Open Page, Dec. 6), I could not but respond to the deep anguish and profound concern expressed in it over the status of women in our society today. The way the plight of women has been highlighted in the article reminds us once again of our social obligation and moral responsibility to do away with gender disparities and the bias against the fairer sex. Though women today are much better placed educationally and financially, they are still subjected to various levels of harassment. Until there is a transformation in the social mindset, women may indeed become the rarest of rare species in the years to come.

C. Vijaya Girija,


I am touched by the thought-provoking article. What makes it very effective is its symbolic language, used to compare women with other endangered species. Thanks for presenting before us the frightful picture of what the future could well hold for us.

Chandra Kanta,

New Delhi

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