It has become absolutely necessary to review the rape law humanely and progressively(Editorial, March 24) in view of the increasing incidence of the crime. The existing law is not only partial but also outdated. It was reported to have been drafted in 1862. That the proposed legislation will broaden the definition of rape — by making it gender-neutral — is highly laudable. This is sure to protect young boys.

N. R. Ramachandran,


Rape victims not only suffer physical assault but also endure everlasting mental agony. Media publicity adds to their woe. It cannot be denied that instances of rape are increasing in this era of globalisation era what with the abuse of the Internet by porn-barons who globalise sex for making money. The definition of rape in the law should go beyond mere penetration. The new law should prescribe exemplary punishment for those who commit this heinous crime.

P. Sermuga Pandian,


The law relating to rape and sexual assault in India is old and needs review due to the ever-increasing changes in the nature of the crime. It is heartening that the Union Home Ministry, realising the need to make changes, is coming out with a draft bill. The amendment made in 1983 has not been able to deal with the changes in the nature of rape-related crimes. The subject needs a comprehensive review and should include various types of assault, violence and torture, and with gender neutrality. Although the victims are mainly girls and women, even boys and men are not spared. A piece of fool-proof legislation is needed to safeguard innocent victims.

E. Sivasankaran,


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