Delhi has become the rape capital of the world. Policing in the city and elsewhere has failed completely. The Centre and the State governments need to do a few things right away. Police reforms should be implemented, the force insulated from political interference, and professionalised.

Despite sound training, we find many police officers professing old world value systems, which means their training needs to be revisited.

D. Davidson Jebaseelan,


After the death of the gang rape victim in December last year, the government appeared to move to rectify the reputation Delhi was assuming as the rape capital of the world. Four months later, there is little change. As usual, our leaders have expressed deep concern over the child rape and reiterated the need for society to look deep within.

Criminals fear neither the law nor god. As long as they do not get swift and severe punishment, such crimes will continue to be committed. A rapist is under the delusion that he will not be caught. He needs to be told in no uncertain terms of the huge social cost he will pay if caught, even if the punishment is delayed.

E.E. Rajakumar,


What happened to the innocent girl at the hands of a rapist has no parallel in human history. We have reached a stage where anything goes. Could cruelty go any further? As I read the report, I missed a heart beat. It is time we looked at drastic punishment like the death penalty for rape.

K.G.K. Nair,


Delhi and the rest of India are shocked by the inhuman incident. The presumption that stricter laws will bring down crimes against women stands negated. The real problem is ineffective policing. A strong police-politician nexus has grown since independence. This nexus is only one strand of corruption in government but it is also the most pervasive, as it affects the life and security of all.

The only way to have a clean police administration is to have legislators who are not tainted. What is heartening to note is that the social media and the news media are effectively disseminating news and views. The people of Delhi will shortly have the opportunity to elect a new legislature. Pressure groups should constructively mobilise voters to bring in an Assembly with untainted members. That will crucially influence the Parliament election in 2014.

Joseph Oommen,


The alarming increase in the inhuman assault of young girls, usually by persons known to them, and the alleged shocking response of the police compel one to look at both sides of the coin — the loopholes in police administration and degrading social values on the whole. We need not only stringent police reforms but also a deep insight into the fulfilment of community responsibility on the part of citizens.

Vrishali Jain,


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