Jairam Ramesh's remarks might have been improper, but it is the common perception of many Indians that the country no longer pursues an independent foreign policy and many decisions are in line with the thinking of the U.S. For example, the Indo-Iran gas supply agreement is hanging fire for almost a decade because India does not want to anger the U.S. Parliament is not taken into confidence on crucial matters. In these circumstances, how can we call ourselves non-aligned? Good relations between India and China will be to the advantage of both countries. As for the dumping of poor quality goods, our own businessmen indulge in that practice while exporting goods and services to under-developed countries. At least, Chinese firms are state-owned or state-controlled and the governments can talk it out when issues arise.



The incident is just a manifestation of the deeper malady in the body politic, for which the Prime Minister is entirely responsible. UPA-II had never functioned as a cohesive unit. Using the excuse of “compulsions of coalition politics,” Dr. Singh has put up with indiscipline. His Council of Ministers is answerable not to him but to their own party bosses. Never before in the history of Independent India had the Prime Minister's position been compromised to this extent.

Subramanian Venkataraman,


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