The article “Rambogiri in the year of the flood” (July 11) is a classic example of one-sided analysis. One can expect Narendra Modi to act only as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. That he aspires to be Prime Minister cannot make him behave like a Prime Minister now. To accuse him for rescuing only Gujaratis and not others is unfair. Had he tried to help people from other States, he would have been criticised for over-shooting his powers.

N. Sridhar,


All leaders wanted to save only ‘their’ people. In fact, Andhra Pradesh politicians belonging to the Congress and the TDP had a public spat over taking rescued pilgrims back to the State. Mr. Modi has clarified that he never said he rescued 15,000 people.

A. Vani,


The claim that Mr. Modi rescued 15,000 people was made by a party functionary, not Mr. Modi. Even the functionary later said he never gave that figure to the media. As Chief Minister, Mr. Modi can and should use his State’s resources only to help the people of his State. Was this not done by all other Chief Ministers? Every politician, from a local councillor to a Prime Minister aspirant, takes pains to project his or her image. What is wrong in that? The article by the Prasar Bharati chairperson, a political appointee, is blatant half truth.

C. Manikandan,


The article has provoked an angry response from many. They allege bias. Certainly the Guajarati version of Rambo has sold well.

However all these folks who are mesmerised by Mr. Modi must understand that a million ‘yes’s for the person under whose watch the 2002 carnage occurred, and who is a symbol of parochialism and hatred, will not make him right or what he stands for right.

Anilkumar Kurup,


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