There is a hue and cry following the arrest of Vijay Singla, Railway Minister Pawan Bansal’s nephew, who allegedly accepted a hefty bribe for the promotion of a senior railway officer to the Railway Board, as if the incident is the first of its kind, or the last.

People are fully aware that senior positions in the government are favour driven. The decline of public utilities and the burden on the common man are the result of such gross mismanagement and interference by the political class in appointments.

N.K. Raveendran,


UPA II has created for itself an unparalleled reputation with regard to corruption. People are frustrated. The leadership must show the courage to expel those facing corruption charges.

A. Reshma,


After Coalgate, it is rail-gate. We all know the system is corrupt and we have to live with it. When an act of corruption is revealed, the person concerned must step down gracefully.

The Railway Minister may be innocent but what happened under his nose was dubious. Before the Opposition parties take credit for his exit, he should resign.

Mudgal Venkatesh,


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should not only sack Mr. Bansal but also order an inquiry into all recent postings in the Railways and contracts given during the Minister’s time. It is difficult to believe Mr. Bansal’s claim that he had no knowledge of the bribery.

Seema Sahu,


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