Rahul Gandhi’s claim that the Congress unites and the BJP divides people is yet another instance of BJP-bashing. The attempt to rake up the all-too-familiar ‘secular-communal’ debate can only be construed as one last ditch effort to revive the UPA government’s sagging image before the 2014 elections. Recalling the sacrifices of his father and grandmother will cut little ice with people; it is a desperate, diversionary tactic to cover up rampant corruption under UPA II. It is time the Congress vice president realised that the common man’s priorities have always been his bread and butter issues, not emotional ones.

B. Suresh Kumar,


Rahul must take his speeches to greater heights and lace them with humour, punch, wit and a bit of rhetoric. At the moment, he sounds bland.

J.V. Reddy,


It appears that Rahul is yet to learn more before he can confidently take on the Opposition. He needs to have a glimpse of the outside world to understand people’s plight and suffering. His outburst against the BJP shows he is insecure. The trauma he underwent after his grandmother's assassination and his dislike of spinach could have been reserved for inclusion in his autobiography.

K.V. Raghuram,


Rahul has shed his ‘boyish image’ and come of age. The underrated Nehru-Gandhi scion is fast emerging as a pivot of secular forces. He has come to represent a secular, all-inclusive vision of India. If his speeches are anything to go by, he shows signs of rising to the challenge mounted by the BJP and Narendra Modi to the country’s secular ethos. He is right in saying that the BJP is dividing the country on religious lines.

G. David Milton,


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